What is Beauty? Beauty is Positivity.

Life is full of adversity.   Bad things do happen to good people and life throws many challenges and struggles at us everyday.

Something we can do to help us through the bad days and through some of life’s adversity is choose a positive mental attitude.

Choosing to practice positivity allows you to see more of life’s beauty. 

Being positive does not mean ignoring the negative completely as this is unrealistic.  Being positive means opening your eyes to all the good “everyday life” has to offer— big or small.

Positivity is a choice, we wake up everyday and choose our own attitude.  As most things do, having a positive mental attitude takes practice.  Being positive and focusing on the good can be a catalyst to change your life for the better.

Life is full of adversity and you have to recognize the lows to feel the highs.  You have the power to choose a positive mental attitude and make it a priority to look for the good in life.

When you choose to let your light of positivity shine from the inside-out, you radiate beauty. 



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