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At Keowee Aesthetics the foundation of superior aesthetic treatment results starts with you!

The word ‘Aesthetic’ is derived from Greek etymology; Aisthetikos means relating to the sense of perception or perception of the senses. The English definition implies it is a study of beauty and or the beautiful qualities of something.

At Keowee Aesthetics we believe that true beauty is multidimensional and encompasses a manifold of attributes and virtues.

This introductory blog series embarks on the pursuit of answering the fundamental question:

“What is true beauty?”

So what is beauty to you? Is it only “skin” deep or is it something more?

In subsequent blogs a member of our staff will highlight and share a specific attribute of the innumerable forms of beauty. We will discover the multifaceted meaning of beauty and how we can attain more of it in our lives.

At Keowee Aesthetics we aim to provide the highest level of expertise and create a superior experience for our patients. Every product, service or treatment is backed by scientific data to deliver real results. Our most important goal is to provide you with the best aesthetic procedures to achieve real, yet natural results so that you can be the best version of yourself – at any age.

You are embarking on a beautiful journey with us, and we cannot wait to see your transformation!

Dr. Kathryn

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