What is Beauty? Beauty is Ageless.

In a youth obsessed world, beauty is often reserved for the young. However, youth is not the only chapter in our lives where beauty is found. Beauty can be seen in a mature face just as it is seen in a youthful one. By standard definition, ageless beauty means that beauty is not limited to only the young and no matter what the age one can possess a combination of qualities that is pleasing to the aesthetic senses. We are starting to see trends revealing acceptance of a broader definition of beauty as we acknowledge the beauty of women of all ages.

Truly ageless beauties are physically and mentally healthy, confident, strong, and positive. They exude kindness, to others and to themselves. They are not afraid to age naturally or to age gracefully with assistance. To attain ageless beauty, one must first look within to find their beauty to allow it to be reflected on the world.

There are vast amounts of options available to help everyone look and feel their best as we age. Diet and exercise are at the top of the list, followed closely by effective skincare and preventative procedures. As science and technology uncover more information on the aging process, available modalities to aid us on our aging journey have become more abundant.

I have had the opportunity to watch the evolution of beauty in the aesthetics world. Our society is also showing greater acceptance of beauty by providing models that are more mature, diverse and inclusive of all body types thus redefining what it means to be an ageless beauty. Regardless of the definition, all women are beautiful, and beauty is ageless.

by Colleen Barrick, RN

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